Born in New Jersey, formative years spent  overseas with her parents, graduated from the George Washington University in Washington, D.C with a degree in Fine Arts.  Following some years working at the Smithsonian Institution.

I currently live in Virginia with my husband.  I have two married children and four grandchildren. 

Past Art affiliations: 

Founder, Chairman and board member of the League of Reston Artists.

co founder, charter and board member of the Polotmac Valley Watercolorists.

i have exhibited extensively and received numerous awards for my work.

 I have also taught art.

I have recently retired from  36 years  with  the Reston Regional Library - a regional library of the Fairfax County Public Library system.   I captured my experiences here in a series of cartoons which made up  my original website - same title as this one. there are a  selection of those cartoons  as part of the Welcome/Index page.

Now I am traveling, as usual, arting of various kinds, and writing.